Friday, April 24, 2015

Who Is WilCo Dad?

Since I'm launching this blog to reach a new and hopefully broader audience, I thought it might make sense to give a bit of my background.  My eventual goal for this blog is to comment on all things related to raising a family in Williamson County, TN.  These posts will be heavily dosed with my personal opinion on things, so, it might be useful to know my background that informs that personal opinion.

So, lets get into some history, shall we?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Williamson County Flag Football

We had our second game in the 7-8 year old league last night.  I managed to catch a few videos of the action.  Some more thoughts on the league as a whole at the bottom.

Here's Logan's offensive highlight:

Our defensive highlight... they blew the play dead, but, he was in position!

Our defensive not-so-highlight...

All in all, I am LOVING kids flag football.  Much more entertaining to watch than kids soccer.  Logan seems to enjoy it too.

The program as a whole is really well run.  The facility is excellent (although it could use a few more bleachers).  All of the parents that we've met have been good folks.  We haven't come across any of the stereotypical "over competitive dads" or anything yet.  However, we did overhear a couple of guys last night trying to break down play-calling tendencies... which is kinda funny.

I will say that the team we played last night seemed really good.  It was obvious that they had practiced more than we had.  I'm hoping that the league as a whole remains competitive and the teams are all pretty even.  I don't know enough yet to say if there are any "ringer" teams in place or not.